Sunday, 7 February 2010

Universities raise standards - no shit Sherlock

This is from the Times whose journalist prowess I have doubted for a long time but this really is the final blow to the stupidity of the newspaper. From this article we have it that
Universities accused of raising A-level entry requirements because of a surge in applicants and severe government cuts
And what in the flying fuck did they think would happen as a result of the cuts? Everyone to get a free set of Gray's Anatomy, perhaps free accommodation for the length of their study? The mainstream media market for panaceas, pretentious expert-sounding jargon, decoration and redecoration of the devastatingly obvious, and rediscovery of ancient wisdom, will never decline. Hence, I suppose we should not really be surprised that the self-righteous are now pounding on the heads of those who are only too unfortunate enough of having been born at a time when their studies coincided with the worst government in the history of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Bad luck chaps, my sympathy to you and your loved ones.

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