Thursday, 25 February 2010

This is what they believe

Mostly good I suppose. I would like them (the prospective Tory parliament candidates who were queried) to be more conservative but this will have to do for now. Myself I am torn on the capital punishment issue. I remember having a 5 hour discussion with a friend regarding it but I cannot recall that we reached any meaningful conclusion.


Captain Ranty said...

I am a definite "Yes" on the first four.

Not certain that state sponsored killing is any better than the unlawful kind.

The Sandalled One tried to teach that an eye for an eye just leaves the whole world blind. I agree.

Besides which, we know that the coppers fit people up. Dead people are not easily revivable.

I lean towards the "life should mean life" argument. Premeditated murder should see you behind bars until your heart stops beating.

If the judiciary get it wrong, a release with a wad of cash can (almost) put the matter right.


Quiet_Man said...

Capital punishment should only be in the case of beyond doubt. As there's usually an element of doubt in most murder cases (based on circumstances) then it's normally to be ruled out.

Apart from that, the other 4 suit me fine.