Friday, 26 February 2010

The Times' Farage-rant Leader piece backfires badly

Chaps, I am swamped in work right now so posting will be sparse over the coming days. However I would just like to draw your attention to this seemingly hilarious piece by the Times. You will all know what a few days ago Nigel Farage of UKIP called EU President (President of the Council actually) a "damp rag" and we all found it rather hilarious. Now perhaps it was not such a good idea to take a dig at the Belgians - it is not their fault after all. However the Times appear to be under the impression that Mr. Farage did not speak for the majority of the British people when he said what he did. The comments of the piece certainly beg to differ. But is the Times wrong to say Farage doesn't speak for Britain? In fact, Farage might have a claim to speak for more Brits than the Times does. The Times has a circulation of over 600,000, but nearly 2.5 million voted for Farage's UKIP during the last election. Now I know that the internet is centre-right of average, but do you know why? Because people are centre-right on average and progressively turning more and more right rather than more and more centre. Wonderful is it not?

He certainly speaks for me. Perhaps not in quite the way I'd like him too, but since no-one ever got to express an opinion over Van Rumpy, Ashton etc. then he and Hannan are the only people who can speak for us. The EU is a ludicrous, self-perpetuating, bloated farce and I am heartily sick of it. Well done Farage for at least having the cojones to stand up.

And anyone who saw him speaking will have seen the sycophantic Schulz crawling up to Van Rompuy, talking of trampling on the dignity of the house. What about the dignity of democracy, that has been well and truly trampled to death.
I fully agree with a Mr. Tim G (who wrote that comment), democracy has been truly trampled to death. Hence, in the interest of not succumbing to apathy, I leave the floor to Mr. Farage:


Uncle Marvo said...

Odd. No byline on that article.

I used to buy the Times, until now.

Shame. I liked the killer Su Doku.

opsimath said...

Some of the very best cryptic crosswords are to be found in The Guardian - and I love cryptic crosswords...

Sometimes we just have to do 'the right thing'.

You know, that could catch on as a political slogan!

James Higham said...

In fact, Farage might have a claim to speak for more Brits than the Times does.

He does.

Furor Teutonicus said...

HEY! He not only "speaks for Brits", he has a good many fans for his stand here in Germany, in Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Austria as well!

Germany has nothing like him. Nor do the other counries on that list.

Austria had Jörg Haider, and the Niederlands has Gert Wilders, Haider is dead, and Wilders is tied up with "other concerns" at present, so Farage is becoming a kind of European (as distinct from E.U) hero.