Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Failed State

Britain is a failed state. Why? Since the majority of voters now are public employees they will never again vote for a party that wishes to curtail their numbers. Why do you think Brown created so many non-jobs like Diversity and Outreach officers with 80K plus salaries and an army of subordinates if he didn't realize that people don't vote themselves out of comfortable jobs? The only problem is that 'diversity' and 'outreach' can't be sold abroad to balance our trade and so we have been living on tick for the last decade and a half. By this time next year following a Labour victory we can look forward to a prolonged visit from the IMF. Though precisely what they are going to do to us I am not sure, bar lending us money of course. We do not have any national industries left to sell of, no national companies which are not foreign owned, no natural resources no there really is nothing here that could enrich the IMF and their clientele if they were called in. Maybe they won't come - now that would be a first.

Anyhow I believe this is called snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. You would think that after 13 years of the most incompetent, corrupt and repressive government since 1216 — possibly earlier — that the main opposition party would merely have to affirm its core values, and show that it is different from the heap of vomit currently in power (e.g. on Europe, the environment, defence, the economy or pretty much any policy area) to win by a landslide. But Cameron has decided to play dumb and copy Mr Bean in all respects.

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