Sunday, 14 February 2010

Racism and the changing tide of the nation

You will have noticed that us lot, the bloggers, are a fairly radical lot by normal standards. We fear not to talk of racism, immigration, British culture, patriotism and history. We talk of the virtues of the UK but also seek to correct the vices of her, through proper and thorough analysis - the kind the MSM would never dare to undertake. Our country right or wrong, when right to be kept right when wrong to be put right, were the words of one American senator Carl Schurz (1829-1906).

The Labour party's social engineering immigration policy is slowly making the rounds and as could have been expected the Tories are saying nothing about it for fear of loosing their liberal vote base. As much could have been expected - it is not more a right wing party than any of its members. Centre policies that is where they think power lies. Yet it is interesting to note that as the party has become more and more left-wing (the words 'Blue Labour' are thrown around a lot) they are loosing a lot of votes. Sure they may be ahead in the polls, but people would vote for Aladdin if they could, the Tories are the leading party by default not by merit or virtue. They got 8,785,941 votes in the 2005 general election, 9,600,943 in 1997 but 14,093,007 in 1992. Perhaps people do get turned off by parties without principles.

This leads us what today can be called the 'no-go-areas' of politics; immigration and the EU are to be avoided like the plague. Understandable considering that their policies can only be considered high treason had those laws not been removed when Tony Blair entered parliament. Since 1997 it is estimated that 5 million people have been added to the population of the UK. The figure is highly contentious since a) the government fixes its own figures to make it look better i.e. that less people have arrived and b) that independent sources like MigrationWatch have proved more accurate than the civil service. Some say 3 million others 4 million. You can be quite sure that of all the estimates you hear it is bound to be the highest one. This amount of immigration is bad for any country.

There I said it, call me a racist, I dare you. Argument by smear has had its day. It is time to argue with facts and reason. Before it was thus that anyone who opposed immigration was labelled a bigot, a reincarnation of Hitler, a second shadow of Stalin. For many years the liberal establishment have sought to use the accusation of ‘racism’ to terrorise opponents of immigration, to weaken conservative institutions, especially the police, and to silence conservative opinions in general. They have been highly effective. The times are changing. It is time to stop cringeing to the bigoted ‘anti-racists’. You will not get away with calling people racists today for opposing more immigration. If you do you, if the Labour years have taught you nothing, you are likely to be one of those people who would be spat on in the days of Queen Victoria I, hiding your loathing of this country behind a facade of liberal piety, a facade that is sometimes very thin indeed. You have only yourself to blame though, you sought to disestablish the country and completely reduce the history of the UK to nothing but a heap of rubble instead you made it more conservative, instead you let fascists into the EU parliament, instead you let true racism flourish around the country where hatred for your fellow man has become a daily occurence, instead you marginalised the voters whose very core support you depend on and then you have the audacity to call your opponents the enemies or reason? It shall not last.

What is this? I hear a Labour supporter say 'you cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs' certainly you cannot. But you are not supposed to break an entire fucking country to adopt a political policy which is of no benefit whatsoever to the people of that country (if you missed it read this House of Lords report on the economic impact of immigration).

UPDATE: As could be expected the first comment suggests that I am "afraid of ethnic diversity" I was anticipating a stupid comment from someone but not this stupid. Play the ball not the man. Hence to make it perfectly clear, the main point of this is to ask you: is 3-5 million (over 13 years) new people an acceptable level of immigration in an already overpopulated country?


Britney said...

You're an idiot. I love the UK, but you're going to try and tell me I don't because I don't oppose immigration? What are you so insecure about? Is ethnic diversity going to make you weak and unheard? Then maybe the problem lies within yourself and not others.

13th Spitfire said...

Oh certainly not, and you are an idiot yourself by the way. You appear to completely have misunderstood the point of the post. I shall enlighten you forthwith. For the past 13 years anyone who opposed immigration has been shouted down and smeared as a racist by the left and mainly Labour loyal people in this country. Hence a proper argument about immigration has not been had since, well, since Major's days. It is estimated (by MigrationWatch) that roughly 5 million immigrants have been added to the population since Labour's inception. The UK along with the Netherlands are the most populated countries in Europe and more people are just not possible for the social services to cope with. THere is not enough space, money or time in order for everyone to get proper service. Everything is creaking in the corners.

What is more, you have not been following the news recently I see. Labour's immigration policy was designed to change the social fabric of the UK, to make it more diverse and get more voters to vote for Labour - 80% if ethnic minorities vote for them already so strengthening their core can only help them. No one in the electorate was asked about this, changing the social fabric for political ends is nothing short of treason.

I am not against immigration per se, just the current levels, and I will not, shall not, be smeared as a racist for daring to talk about a growing problem that is bound to cause real unrest if not addressed.

I see also that you have conveniently ignored the part about Labour letting fascists into the EU parliament, where more than 1,000,000 voted for the BNP. But I suppose you like the rest of the self-righetous will just ignore that bit and call me the racist when all I want to do is have a proper, grown-up and reasoned discussion about the argument. Because do you know what will happen if you don't? The BNP will talk about it and there will be no semblance of a well balanced discussion. I suggest you get your head out of your arse and step into the real world.

13th Spitfire said...

Please, next time you feel like posting something ridiculous on a blog at least read the attached links, such as the HoL report.

James Higham said...

Unless we cut out the crap about what we can and can't talk about, we're in trouble. The immigration question has zero to do with racism and all to do with protecting indigenous culture and heritage.

The decision by Sussex University to cut out teaching history before 1700 is an example of the engineering, masquerading as cost cutting.

By the way, 13th SF, if you're American - then "loosing" is the correct spelling but if British, then it is "losing".