Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The comment hurts, because it is so true

This is a comment, from a reader, from an article over at the Times...
I, not being British, find it funny how people in the UK think they are a small player. You don't have an inkling as to what it is like being a small player. Britain may be going through rough times by its own standards and may not be a superpower but it is still a great power. In that role it still has a role to play. You would have thought that the people of the UK would realise the important role of power projection after the mistakes leading to the Falklands War.

Why are the British now so defeatist?
I cannot answer that, it certainly did not used to be like this, perhaps the PC/Complain-and-Blame society has something to do with it. The only thing I know is that the truth hurts - a lot. It is not easy to face the harsh reality when it could have been so easily avoided if men with honour had entered parliament instead of men who know not even the meaning of the word.

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