Monday, 25 January 2010

You already know it but it is worth repeating

The BBC is of course funded by the EU, they are about as subtle as a gun when it comes to putting that point across. Though I am slightly fussed as to why another pro-EU media outlet was reporting on its pro-EU friend - surely they are fighting the people from the same angle?
THE BBC last night faced accusations of pro-Brussels bias as it was revealed that the corporation had taken out £141m in “soft” loans from the European Union.

The broadcaster has taken out three separate low interest loans from the EU-backed European Investment Bank (EIB) to fund the expansion of its growing commercial empire.

It also emerged that the BBC has received grants from the EU worth £1.4m over the past five years.

The Brussels deals raise awkward questions for the corporation about its coverage of European affairs and its burgeoning profit-making arm whose interests extend to property, publishing and the internet.
A friend in need is a friend indeed... oh wait.

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