Friday, 8 January 2010

British Muslims are patriotic - really?

You do recall I hope the quite recent news that British muslims are the most patriotic in Europe. I am not sure if this strikes you as strange but it certainly is not a surprise what with our wet blanket government providing all the necessities for the radical islamists (note, not normal Muslims, they very decent people, just the nutters). As with our religions and social denominations there are always a number who seek to influence the rest about their cause right or wrong - in this case very wrong, even more so if you actually bothered to read the Koran.

Now of course this survey in question pondered all swathes of Muslims not just the weird ones but also perfectly decent Muslims who, likes us who take distance from the BNP, distance themselves from the likes of Islam4UK (the muslim equivalent nutters to the BNP nutters). However as with any research which regards immigration and religion produced in Europe you can be quite sure that a lot of dodgy practises have been employed to make the situation seem less dire than it actually is in reality.

I would like to draw your attention to LibertyPhile Research who has examined the survey a bit closer than our state funded and privately funded media. After all, if you want something done right, do it yourself, which is a complete contradiction of this blog post since LibertyPhile Research is doing the work for us but I will be hypocrite this time.
A statistic from the Open Society Institute’s Report on 11 EU Citiesrecently hit the headlines. [The Institute is funded by George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist.]

UK Muslims are Europe’s most patriotic said The Sunday Times on 13 December. “….. on average 78% of Muslims identified themselves as British, although this dropped by six points in east London.”

The Telegraph had something similar Muslims in Britain are the most patriotic in Europe according to a new study

It also allowed a least one commentator to conclude that multi-culturalism British style really works and we need more of it.

Pickled Politics told us New poll shows why multi-culturalism works“…. The study and report is a slap in the face for right-wing dogma …. it shows that Britain’s relaxed attitude to differences in religion and culture has made British Muslims more likely to identify with this country and be proud of the liberal traditions they live in ....

Nevermind the fact that the statistic is highly suspect and the claims based on it very dubious. Remarkably, even the authors of the report themselves say that the findings are not representative. And the report examines neither patriotism nor liberal attitudes as its purpose and coverage is something else altogether.

I do employ you to read the length of the piece for it is very thought provoking. Again it pisses me of that we now ourselves are having to connect the dots between lies and scams when our supposedly 'world famous' media are supposed to do that for us...


All Seeing Eye said...

It's almost pointless to do surveys such as this. Even if the question(s) is/are phrased incredibly carefully someone will always find bias, and then everybody else will slice and dice the figures to suit their own views.

Frankly this poll is a prime example - the headline made waves (as intended) and the analysis (even that done by the authors themselves!) was lost in translation. I'm glad that LibertyPhile took the time to look behind the strapline, and thanks too for widening the distribution, 13th.

JPT said...

'British muslims are the most patriotic in Europe.'
That's not saying a lot.