Sunday, 10 January 2010

Courageous and Cautious

Napoleon once said that the two things he most envied about the British were their Caution and their Courage, it made them invincible.

Where Napoleon left of scare tactics took up the reigns.

Y2K, AGW, Swine Flu and there will probably be another virus scare next year, just as we had SARS, Foot-and-Mouth, Avian Flu and Mad Cow Disease etc. The government’s response will be predictable — total over-reaction, again. I wish people could start seeing the trend on scare tactics. Suffice to say if Napoleon knew that this was all it took to bring the British to their knees, we would all be enjoying Chicken Marengo right now, in our freezing little huts seemingly flabbergasted at the gargantuan incompetence of our governments - present and past.

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