Sunday, 3 January 2010

2010; you are back and so am I. Lets give these bastards a run for their money.

I intend to write a more intelligent post later tonight but this will have to do initially as my reintroduction to the world of political blogging. Good evening and a happy new year to you all, mine was very happy for I alas dreamt up a lot of ways to piss of our political classes and generally the people in power. I continue to send a few FoIs to my university, a week, and have thus far revealed a lot of interesting things, things they would rather I did not know. Apparently I have a separate folder with my name on it and my FoIs. Great, though I imagine the FoI 2000 law will be removed pretty soon as it is highly inconvenient for our masters - and ostensibly the only good thing to ever pass through the slipper soggy, blood ridden, hands of Tony Blair.

Hence, this is election year, and people will vote. How many students will vote and why are they so obsessed with left wing politics? All questions that demands an answer which will be provided later tonight.

Until then, ciao!

UPDATE: Bugger! Will have to post it tomorrow instead.


GoodnightVienna said...

Welcome back - at last ;-)
They're thinking of ways to limit the FOI Act - they say it gives them too much work; apparently we all want to know something!

Anonymous said...

A simple message to the unseen
3V guardians of freedom.

More on the barricades and less on the keyboards

Ground Control

subrosa said...

Happy New Year to you spitfire and many of them.

A whole file to yourself at uni? Is it marked 'this could be an irritant to skin'?

I await your next post with bated breath.