Friday, 15 January 2010

Concerts and Weddings in Parliament a la Speaker Shitcow

  1. The first gig -ever- has been held in parliament, Yes, in the Palace of Westminster.
  2. Parliament will apparently host a gay wedding before the election.
It is a fucking parliament not a bloody concert venue, it has been a parliament for the best part of the past 800 years until this speaker showed up.

It is a fucking parliament not a bloody church (yes it has a chapel and what not but that is not its primary function). I have nothing against gays but as I said it is a fucking parliament and not a church and should hence be treated as such. Not as some 'neo-cool' place of funk as the current speaker appears to be turning it into.

I think the following picture quite accurately illustrate the values which our current speaker holds dearer than gold (thanks to the ever so good Archbishop Cranmer).

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