Friday, 8 January 2010

Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it.

This blog does not perceive to be one of such massive proportion such as Dale or Guido, nor does it employ unreasonable amounts of foul language such as GOT (though brilliant he remains). But perceive this, what impact does it have on people who read it and by extension how many people consider and apply the content of blogs, on their everyday life? Personally reading and writing a blog is a continuous learning process where new things are learned and discovered every single day.

Now, we could go and have a rant about the incompetence of this most dishonourable administration currently vexing the halls of Westminster - believe you me that has been done before. But what instead of the Main Stream Media (or the MSM)? How are they being marginalised as a result of their constant deviation from the truth? The media loves to interpolate and extrapolate between ends it has conjured out of thin air, and they do this on the most odious of grounds. Consider only the recent Climategate or why not the Y2K scare? These are events we could control as backseat drivers of truth. But go back, what did the media do before us lot came along, before bloggers became more powerful than entire newspapers and sometimes even more powerful than entire TV networks. Did they lie and deceive then as well? Did they make the truth vanish into thin air when it did not fit with their ad hoc agenda? A lot of hypothetical (hopefully not rhetorical) questions are raised on this issue, when the media were solely responsible for providing a voice for the people; the vox populi.

If you take away people's responsibility they will be irresponsible, it is a logical consequence. It might not happen straight away but eventually the person in our story will stray beyond his boundaries because, lets face it, there are none. What this is to say is that if we want our media to act on our behalf we have to make them responsible for the written word they provide as fact. You know and I know that only a wafer-thin proportion of media outlets today are even remotely sticking to the actuality and facts. Where we come in and correct them and hang them out to roast when their deceptions finally catch up with them. Russell Howard, a comedian, famously said that we try to make ourselves miserable in this country, that we only bring out the bad in our society in the news and in the TV shows, 'Britain's worst this', 'Britain's ugliest that' - this is true because we have removed all sense of mutual and self respect once so fundamental in this society. It could scarcely be true that if these people had not been devoid of respect since birth they would not have been approach by some despicable low-life TV agent about doing a show of them making a complete arse of themselves on national TV. But I digress.

The truth is not your perception of it, the truth is definite; set in stone and steel. Perhaps we cannot change the way social relationships evolve and develop, perhaps that is for a higher power. However we are not some meaningless species without any form of self control. Abraham Lincoln said (and no, I am not posting this just to justify my thesis and make it seem, in any way, that I know what I am talking about)
It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him the words: "And this, too, shall pass away."
Things only pass away if we let them. Equally true is it when choosing between greater and lesser evils; in the end both are evil. The truth will come back and haunt those who desecrate it, it is only a natural reaction arising from the people who feel they have been cheated on the lesson it was meant to provide. If we keep on churning out the same mindless drivel that today passes for journalism not much will happen to be quite honest, people will only go somewhere else to get the truth which is why, eventually, the MSM will have to take note. Otherwise, living in a market based society (and economy), they will be kaputt.

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