Saturday, 9 January 2010

The fall of the Kingdom

Lets get something straight, bloggers by their existence, are not optimists. We are the most ardent sceptics and pessimists that trod this planet. We have to be because as of now we have as a collective taken over the function of the media in scrutinising the state. Commonly the three pillars of power in the UK used to be the House of Commons, the House of Lords and finally the Main Stream Media. Not anymore; the latter have been replaced by a swathe of more powerful bloggers who can singlehandedly produce a more thorough analysis of the state of the nation, than can the entire political section of either of the major newspapers.

Now, in Britain we have a duopoly system of politics. Like major corporations, say between BAE Systems and Thales UK we are under the illusion that there is some genuine competition between these two defence contractors, yet they are both building the new aircrafts carriers for the Royal Navy in unison. In public they portray a facade of mutual friendly hatred, call it banter, based on them perpetuating the lie that defence contracts in the UK are subject to the tendering process (they are but the 'right' guys always get it anyway). The Labour Party and the Conservative party are supposed to be competing against in each other. Are they?

The parties claim to be the champions of the people, they say that they are men and women of the people when nothing could be further from the truth. Politicians are not supposed to be men a women of the people, how could they? They are as far from 'normal' as you could possibly get. A true, well meaning person, who strives to serve his or her country is a man or woman -for- the people and not of them. Hence, I agree to some extent with Peter Hitchens in his length response to ConservativeHome readers; the Tory party of today are not Conservatives for what are they really conserving?

The political system in the UK is not a marked based one of mutual friendly competition, designed to bring forth the best minds and the best policies, perfectly suited to needs and wishes of the people - we usually call this democracy but in the PC world of today that is probably not allowed anymore. No, the political system in the UK is a monopoly because the marxist ideologies imposed by this Labour government will not be rolled back and removed by the Cameron administration for they will simply claim that there is nothing that they can do, that the leftist paradigms are now so rooted in society that nothing in their power could uproot them. Bollocks, where there is a will there is way and if you for a minute think that the people are happy with this excuse for a country that today poses for 'Britain' you are sadly mistaken. I am not a man of the people I am part of the people, and while I do not represent them as a collective voice, you do not have to be a genius or employ the full, taxpayer funded, power of HM Treasury to work out that everything that Labour has touched since they came to power in 1997 has turned to fire and ashes. The tories will be no difference since they, like Labour before them, will continue the charade whereby us gullible voters are to be taken under the impression that Right and Left are as different as East and West when in reality the political compass is pointing the only feasible way for them; North - which is the same if you are at East or West.


Anonymous said...

great ...........................................................

Quiet_Man said...

The political compass I prefer is the one that treats left and right as economic factors from free market to state control and north and south as authoritarian to libertarian.

Look at a compass like that and both Labour and Conservative are very close together being authoritarian controlled marketeers.
Oddly enough it's the BNP who have the most leftist economics rather than Labour, something that sits very uncomfortably with the pseudo socialists running the UK at the moment.

13th Spitfire said...

I think it is only a matter of time before people start connecting the dots.

Fausty said...

Quiet Man, the media love to portray the BNP as being right-wing. In truth, they are just a nationalist splinter of the Labour party who have not yet been bought by corporations.

Spitfire, politicians used to be *of* the people, before they were handsomely remunerated for their services.

They gave of their time, for a pittance, in the hours remaining to them after they'd conducted their own business.

Labour changed all that. They sought to make the HoC working hours more "family friendly" - or so they said. In reality, their goal was to rid the House of publicly spirited people, with a solid background in the community.

It's worth reading the scribblings of Ranty and Higham.

13th Spitfire said...

Fausty I must disagree. A politician should not be of the but for the people. A politician, a real one at any matter, should have good schooling a lot of professional background so that he, with that knowledge and experience, can work for the people.

I know that this might sound rather elitist and I do apologise for it, but all the politicians 'of' the people we have had, have mostly been completely bereft of any common political sense. Look at Speaker Martin - he was not even remotely qualified, mentally or academically, to hold he speakership.