Monday, 25 January 2010

We are not a free peoples says the EU

A recent legal paper by the European Central Bank deals with the subject: “Withdrawal and Expulsion from the EU and EMU: Some reflections”. The passage which sticks out like a 'sore thumb' concerns the idea of national sovereignty:

"The fact that EU membership is voluntary is not in itself conclusive since sovereignty is … given full expression in the right of any State to join a particular organisation, or not; but once a State decides to enter an organisation it is no longer free, and its own wishes are no longer decisive. Once a state decides to enter an organisation it is no longer free, and its own wishes are no longer decisive"

Your move Europhiles.

Thanks to Witterings From Witney. One a further note I would just like to say that I know that most of us have been posting documents like these for the better part of the past decade (well not myself, I was too young to use a computer 10 years ago), and yet no one gives a shit. Post them anyway eventually the shear volume of contradictory arguments will topple the ignorance which is daily exhumed from our current and coming governments.


opsimath said...

Are they going to risk another hot war with us, then, when we decide to rid ourselves of this vermin?

If so, bring it on! I've still got some of my Dad's old scores to settle and a dead Kraut or two would make a good start.

And as for the Frogs/Ities etc, they'll surrender as soon as they get the chance!

13th Spitfire said...

Hmm, I think not war is a necessary option. A little assertion of who we are and what we will not tolerate would suffice.

We join what we proposed the EEC and leave the EU. It is a simple process, it will happen sooner or later for they cannot stop public opinion, much as they would like.

Anonymous said...

I have said this time and time again if Scotland quits the Union, the Union is no more, England and the residue no longer constitutes the United Kingdom. Scotland joined with England to create the United Kingdom and Wales, by conquest was already incorporated into England. Ireland was later incorporated and then changed to be Northern Ireland.

If, has been threatened many many ties that an independent Scotland would have to apply for membership of the EU, if it wants to, and the United Kingdom could veto that.

I repeat that there would be no Unoted Kingdom to do so.

So if Scotland breaks the Union the England rump would have also to apply for membership, of it so wants.

This is not a load of hot air and has been widely discussed in Scotland for years with the above interpretation being the view of many experts in constitutional law.

So for our good friends in England the best thing that could happen to them, if they want the chance to jump the European Union ship is for Scotland to break the Union.

Just think about it and the possibilities it open for English democracy/

13th Spitfire said...

What scares me about that prospect is that tiny little England will no longer be shielded from the foes of the continent for Scotland will use the more and more if joins the EU and England stands alone. Scotland already uses Roman law e.g. and England uses English Common Law, they would frequently clash as ECJ law and ECHR currently clash with ECL (english common law). But I think the people of Scotland are not yet ready for such a grand change in their way of applying law.

13th Spitfire said...

Also I have written about what you have said (Bugger) a lot of time, and have reached the same conclusions. I think the UK will leave the EU but it wont be the UK which then stands alone, it will be England.