Thursday, 14 January 2010

Quick note on LPUK

They will never gain any power, they are simply too honest and as a result they will be massacred in the Inferno that is British politics. I regret this since they appear to be very principled and honourable people, the kind which should be in Parliament.

For my own remembrance; 'Principle of Legality' by Lord Hoffman = HRA, prior to 2000. Definitely being a long piece about that one. Also Lord Halisham's famous "Elected Dictatorship".


Captain Ranty said...

I'm not so sure 13.

Imagine: UKIP get in. They start peeling the onion, dumping the EU, banning bans, and showing us a taste of freedom and some personal responsibilty.

Now people will like that. They will want more of it. A lot more.

UKIP will pave the way for LPUK, but we will have to fight for one if we want the other. Unless, of course, they do the sensible thing and merge.

I think we are all agreed that LibLabCon has had its day. Change is long overdue.


13th Spitfire said...

I certainly hope so Mr. Ranty I think I at least have finally decided where my vote will note go: LibLabCon