Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Royal Navy to get new uniforms

I know what you are thinking; "what the fuck", yes I am on the same page as yourself. If there is one project to scrap then surely it is fashionista tendencies of Her Majesty's rear admirals if you get my drift - or perhaps I am not being colloquial enough?

A swedish company called the LBM Group have this statement on their website (beware these people have never heard of the concept of paragraphing):
The British Royal Navy, is well-known, especially in England, the Anglo-Saxon world and the British Commonwealth. The British Navy image has been built up for centuries and is one of the oldest brands in the world. The licensing program that LBM has developed together with the British Navy has been developed in order to achieve a clearly defined objective, to make it possible for the brand Royal Navy to create an increased strategic value for the brand that they have built up over the years. The responsibility of LBM has been to make sure that the values and the ethical standards of the British Navy are projected in an adequate way. The Royal Navy is characterized by a strong brand and a well-known logotype that also includes several dynamic and historical sub-brands [sic] such as the Royal Marines. The brand is characterized by capacity; clothing that at the same time is designed to be unique, functional and unified. To achieve this objective, three distinct requirements have been set by the licensor; Functionality, Prestige and Specialty. The objective is to position Royal Navy in such way that it simulates, and is associated with, the property and attributes of the British Royal Navy. Not only will the Royal Navy collection be produced in high-quality material, but it is also important that it will be perceived as appropriate, tough and resistant in order to attract the consumers. Both the products, as well as the way that the marketing is being made, shall reflect the values that the British Navy stands for. The Board of Directors for LBM considers that it is important to position Royal Navy in the higher price segment to convey a feeling of luxury and outstanding quality. The objective is that Royal Navy shall be considered the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of the industry. The brand has to be marketed through established distributor, and in relatively low volumes to achieve this. In this was the market is allowed to assimilate the brand and that rather creates a demand than forces LBM into push it out to the consumers. During the first years in the United Kingdom, the strategy will be focused on retail companies that are specialized in marine and lifestyle-related shoes and clothing collections. Beyond this, there is a pronounced objective to establish sales through larger department stores such as Harrods and Selfridges as well as specialized companies as Yacht Boot Company. Within the framework of the cooperation with the British Navy so far, LBM has developed a sample collection of shoes and initiated the design of a clothing collection. LBM estimates that the first products will be launched in retail during spring 2011.
[My Emphasis]

How about it Mr. Fox? Does the Royal Navy really need new uniforms, has the colour of the sea changed that much to warrant a complete overhaul of the naval fashion? Perhaps they are fighting in variable terrain, like the army, and need new uniforms in order to blend into the environment. Yet last time I checked, regardless of what the demented warmists say, the sea is still blue which coincidentally goes strikingly well with the colour of the current uniforms which are, lo and behold, 'navy-blue.' Thus, flabbergasted I remain; surely Mr. Fox, surely, this project will not go ahead. Surely their uniforms are good for at least another war, surely.

One would be forgiven for thinking that perhaps this money could be better spent on say, oh I do not know; more ships, more aircraft and more marines.


CrazyDaisy said...


We do fight in variable terrain, who do you think is currently propping up the British Army both in Iraq and The Stan? Yes the humble matelot.

I know not of any uniform we are getting a replacement of other than some shitty specialisation badges. We've recently been around the buoy rebranding which was a huge waste of time and money, had those in the "know" actually asked us our opinion they'd've found out the truth.

Change for change sake is endemic in public departments and the RN is no different.

This if I have read it correctly on my small screen is an opportunity to make money for the RN Brand but I know not why, further degradation of a once proud institution.

I can confirm that the boys and girls are proud to serve and are often amused at seniors' actions which often affect their lives but the reality is sailors remain sailors no matter what they wear.

And as for Snooty Fox and his lot, he has his work cut out and the forthcoming SDSR will curtail the excesses of the MoD, the ridiculous size of the Army and the Empire building RAF.

Safe home


13th Spitfire said...

Hello there and thank you for your reply!

I know you fight in variable terrain and that you are propping up the army, BUT you use the same uniforms as the marines and the troopers in Afghanistan. They do need to design a separate Royal Navy C95 set.

I have no doubt that if they would have actually asked you chaps they would have gotten the truth, you can imagine my surprise about the uniforms myself. What a complete waste of money.

Ohh I know "change for the sake of change" that is the most ridiculous excuse for change. Ridiculous.

How large do you reckon the army should be then? It would appear that the current size is too small. For the RAF I agree they do not need anymore typhoons but they do need more transport capability as well as more Tornado type jets which are not deep theatre bombers. I have not made up my mind about the F35 but that remains to be seen.

CrazyDaisy said...

The thought of Naval digital type CS95 uniform makes me laugh, following the USA like drones.

The Army is too big, too many Regiments duplicating the same shit and staff processes!

Think 10k in the Stan of which 30% are RN or RAF, so really it's 7k, 1 there 1 on RnR and 1 lot prepin 21k total. So what are the other 80k doing?

There are other duties to be carried out, too many for the screen of this phone! But like Government we are bloated in many areas and it's a deception to think that we're not!

I will have a think and get back to you.....


Last Patriot said...

This is an attempt to stop private companies comyrighting the RN niform and logo. The RAF tried to copyright its roundel symbol and found that it was too late, Paul Smith fashion house had already done it.

Anyway, look in the history books, the military have always been 'fashion conscious' in a military sort of way - practicality usually is the order of the day, followed by keeping themselves aligned with the general dres code and standards worn by civilians. Otherwise the RN would still be dressed like Nelson's navy. They'd look a bit out of place!

CrazyDaisy said...

I still wear Wellington boots of leather, a great coat and my mess uniform with stiff bib is far from practical or modern but traditions from Nelson's time are carried through to today in the Chief Petty Officers' uniform ... On their sleeves!

As for the army, we need a total rethink and modernisation. Restructured, cut out the endless pish and downsized with better equipment to cause maximum deaths.

After all the purpose of War is effecting violence on the enemy, is it not?

Fascist Hippy said...

New naval uniforms FFS. Why not get Hugo Boss on the payroll, they did a splendid job on the uniforms for Hitlers SS!

Anonymous said...

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