Friday, 20 August 2010

Fundamental Rights disappear again (but only for some)

What are the basic fundamental rights as laid down by judicial history?
  1. Right to equal protection under the law
  2. Right to freedom of thought
  3. Right to freedom of speech and press (cf. freedom of expression)
  4. Right to freedom of association
  5. Right to freedom of movement within the country
  6. Right to vote in general election
  7. Right to procreate irrespective of marital status or other classifications
  8. Right to direct a child's upbringing
  9. Right to privacy
  10. Right to marry
  11. Right to property
  12. Right to freedom of contract by parties with proportional bargaining power
Today 2, 3, 4 and 5 just disappeared from Englishmen in England courtesy of Theresa May, the incumbent Home Secretary. Granted this ban is only concerns the bank holiday weekend in Bradford, but its wider significance cannot be understated. It says that if you are from a minority group, via race or religion, there is an open playing field for you to do as you please and the tax-payer will fund you to that end. If you oppose the moves by such gracious chants as "Butchers of Basra" then you are the anomaly, the anachronism and the anarchist for not adhering to the cultural relativism of the UK2010.

Now, of course, I do not condone the views of racists thugs and nazi sympathisers but here is the punchline, the EDL are neither racist nor are they neo-nazis. They are a group who do not believe in the islamification of Britain and neither do I. Alas, seeing as they have been gaged into silence I am only awaiting my internet connection to be severed in the wake of this new attack on freedom of expression. Stupid little me for believing in the fundamental right to peaceful protest for anyone of any political or religious persuasion. Now of course the usual epithets will be pulled out of the hat in order to justify the banning of the protest: "nazi thugs" and the good old favourite "extreme right wingers" - yet consider the people they arrested the last time Bradford Muslims took offence (H/T Old Holborn).

Furthermore, the MSM, will as usual resists the calls for some historical vivisection as demanded by their continuous insistence to label everything they disagree with, as 'right-wing'.
  • Mao, left-wing, killed 70 million people in peacetime, more than any dictator prior to him or until date.
  • Stalin, left-wing, killed 23 million people in wartime and peacetime.
  • Hitler, left-wing (if you label him right-wing please leave a justification for that in the comments), killed an estimated 12 million people in wartime and peacetime.
  • Tojo, left-wing, killed 5 million people in wartime.
  • Pol Pot
  • Ismael Enver
  • ...
The list goes on as ever, and as ever, you will struggle to find a right-wing dictator. The past was and remains a century of genocide perpetuated by the left. People say you should not point the finger for it might offend, but I am bloody well going to point the finger at spurious socialist ideologies whose soul legacy is death and destruction. And I am going to continue to point that finger at the quite frankly demented people who seek to lay the blame on someone else's doorstep for they refuse to acknowledge the lessons of history that “socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

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