Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Time to bring back O-levels

'innit' ?

('innit' is slang or colloquialism for 'is it not' - it makes absolutely no grammatical sense but that is today what passes for a "hip" or a "chic" vocabulary)

I feel that the great plethora of degrees around today means that the degree itself has been devalued. This must impact on those students who choose to study those subjects with more gravitas, especially in a world where job applications are vetted through agencies rather than directly by the employer.

The very idea that 50% of the population could be of degree standard intellect when 25 years ago only around 5-10% were even considered to be at A level standard tells us much.

While fully supporting the concept of further education I hope the government will introduce a new criterion by which degrees can be recognized according to their true value. So many of today's degrees are really vocational rather than academic qualifications and should be tagged as such.


Anonymous said...

... 'a new new criteria'. The singular is 'criterion'. Just saying is all.

13th Spitfire said...

I do apologise for my grammatical lapse, thank you for pointing out my mistake. It has been corrected.



Last Patriot said...

well done 13th. Nice to see how you politely accepted the advice. Both you and I have learnt something today from a reader who was gracious enough to give some advice on grammar.

If only most of our nation were like this.