Sunday, 8 August 2010


I heard something rather well put today, a very simple phrase in between my studies (no recess for summer you see); "we are going to politically correct ourselves out of our own liberty" - which is true. Currently (dwindling at an alarming rate) we have some form of liberty to say and suggest what we want; when we disagree we are allowed to criticise. If liberty means anything, anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. When we loose that right we loose our liberty. If you are worried that we are seeing some form of 'new' state oppression here in the form of censorship then don't be, Aristotle figured as much way before (some 300 years in fact) the big J of C was born in good old year 0.

I myself have been censored more than once at our university paper for writing about things which did not go down well with the editor (a thoroughly pleasant fellow I will have you know, but he did not appear to be able to stomach someone who took the opposite view on Antropogenic Global Warming theory, mind you most of my mates think I am completely bonkers as well). The title of this post is 'PC' in arabic, I tried going with 'Political Correctness' but apparently there is no such thing in arabic according to Google translate - ohh, the irony.

PS. Please forward any eventual death threats to and have a lovely day.

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