Sunday, 22 August 2010

My Manifesto

We bloggers complain a lot, some would call it legitimate criticism of the society we live in today and others would plain and simple call it whining. I think the former category is the most appropriate but I am by no means going to set upon the task of auditing myself; I am not the government after all, and I would like to think that I have some personal integrity.

We complain but we rarely offer any reasonable alternatives of what should be done. Of course sometimes we do, with the EU for example we always suggest a referendum as to our continued involvement with this organisation. But on drug classification we are split and more so than often we indulge in criticising the government instead of offering constructive criticism. I am as much guilty of this as are many other bloggers.

Hence, in the interest of fairness we either put up or we shut up. There is no point in complaining about every single thing if we do not seek to do something about it.

On the top bar I have added a new tab as you might see, it is called "My Manifest" for lo and behold it is my manifesto. This is how, if I were PM, my party would do things and this is probably how I would outline the manifesto as well: clear, simple and poignant. This is what I would do to transform the vices into virtues and promote the virtues to cornerstones of the country.

I intend, at first, to only limit myself to topics that I consider myself somewhat proficient to have an opinion on such as defence, foreign policy and education. As time progresses more policy areas of interest will be added to the manifesto; as I take onboard more information. It will be to all intents and purposes an organic manifesto which grows with time and the accumulation of knowledge of this blogger.

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