Monday, 23 August 2010

For fucks sake...

There we go then, the EU has officially pissed of the nurses as well. I suspect they wont be voting Tory nor Labour next time around.

Of course there is going to be an "investigation" -again- which will conclude -again- that we can do fuck all about this because we have signed every single piece of shit that has come out of Brussels since the dawn of the EEC.

Britons are famed for their tolerance, one would have to be fairly tolerant to live in Britain what with all the nonsense that goes on. But sooner or later even the eurocrats must surely realise that there is only so much tolerance left after having continuously, for years upon years, having been chipping it away in favour of Schadenfreude bureaucracy.


Witterings from Witney said...

Beyond belief, is it not 13th?

One can but pray for the day when our tolerance ceases!

Captain Ranty said...

Tolerance, or naivety?

Tolerance, or stupidity?

Tolerance, or gullibility?

Tolerance, 13th, or ignorance?

Just askin'.


Witterings from Witney said...

CR, you are so right and therefore no need to ask. 'Tolerance' is all four and one day...........

The uprising will come and I can forsee Enoch's prediction coming true, but not for the reason he suggested - which gives me an idea for a post........

Last Patriot said...

Time for a war. Let's tell the Fourth Reich (EUSSR) to go stuff itself. If they don't like it, tell them we'll take our trade elsewhere.

Bollocks to the EUSSR and the bastard socialists that got us into it. Cameron is a disgrace to his country and our history. I'm bloody fed up with our stupid people voting for these tossers. When are the thick buggers going to wake up?
I am waiting for the revolution to start. Time for some citizen direct-action.
Why can't we form our own Tea Party movement like the yanks?