Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Phrase of the day

Burka Bollocks or 'BB'.

I am a libertarian at heart and believe that people have the right to wear what they want. I do not support oppression of women, however, by religious fanatical husbands who cannot get over the fact that they have small penises, and feel that because of this they have to cover up the only biological object which would ever consider sleeping with them. That is pathetic.

What is more disturbing; whenever someone raises an objection to the burka they are called "islamophobic" and "ignorant". Well, newsflash for you medieval fucking schmucks: there is nothing in your holy book about dressing up your women so that they look like mobile tents with a pillbox-like gap for vision. It's just not in there. So, whenever someone raises an objection and you cry "islam" it just goes to show how little you know about your own religion and that makes you ignorant not us.

Finally, I do not buy the argument that they are wearing the burka by choice I simply don't. I have met enough women to know that the one thing they care more about than their shoes are their clothes. Are they honestly saying that the burkha is a valid substitute for their fashion of choice?


Edward Spalton said...

To come to a country and continue to wear a style of dress which is completely alien to that country's customs is the action of a colonist not an immigrant.

Islamic authorities have urged Muslims here to behave as if they were already in an Islamic country and to rely on Western "tolerance" and "liberalism" to demand the right to do so. We are the mugs.

FoolD said...

Burka Shmirka.

Since when is it the job of government to decide what citizens wear ?

Forcing women to wear certain garments is bad, but banning the garment is not the solution...

13th Spitfire said...

I haven't even mentioned bannig I just think the entire concept of covering your woman is ridiculous and mediaeval.

Anonymous said...

If yo want your civilisation to survive, you have to be tough on those who wish you ill. Islam wants to conquer us...the answers are obvious, the politicians are weak and the people are cowards...for the time being..

13th Spitfire said...

They have the same rights as everyone else to preach their religion but just the extreme elements need to be taken care of, they are really scaring people now. Before they made them nervous now people wont even give money to Pakistan because most people quietly assume that everyone from Pakistan is a religious fanatic.