Thursday, 30 September 2010

Quick note on immigration

I found a very interesting site called 'The Poverty Site' - do have a look. You can be quite sure that anyone on the left, who actually proclaims to "know" anything about immigration has never seen the site, in common with all the other lefties who are the self-appointed keepers of the national conscience who argue that the opposition of many to uncontrolled immigration is racially motivated.

Sort of blows to pieces everything and anything the left has ever said on immigration. Oh the joy.

PS. There is a high probability that a lot of weird people are going to think that because I talk about immigration I am a baby-eating monster, genetically developed in a lab from flesh-eating cannibals from Sri Lanka. This is not the case; besides I gave away all my old mobile phones to charity today so fuck you.


Anonymous said...

Dear 13th

if you want to here interesting views on immigration issues have a listen to Radio Derb (an Englishmen in the USA).


Last Patriot

Anonymous said...

But...but...but....they add colour to our wonderful multicultural society, don't they?

Nice find there blogger. I'll pass this on...