Monday, 13 September 2010

Real Ale - Christmas in a cup

Now I would think, it just a hypothesis, that the majority of the blogosphere drinks ale. I do. Would it not be interesting to make a little survey confirming that Mrs Dale is a aleaholic that Mr. North enjoys a fine smooth Doombar when he is done with the EU. Perhaps Messrs ConservativeHome end their day with a Pride? Who is to say? All I can note is that ale is back.

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Anonymous said...

Ale forever! The drink of the great Nordic-Anglo-Celtic nations!
Had a pint of Doombar in a tiny pub in London the other night. Right next to Waterloo station. The Hole in the Wall it is called. If you are there at the right time, go and have a drink. Small, grubby, under the rail arches (you can feel and hear the trains as they pass over - weird sensation!) but filled with ale drinkers happily enjoying a drink without falling down and puking all over the place.
The death of the decent pub has led to binge drinking madness.
Close bars and clubs and give 'pubs'a subsidy.
Rule Britannia! Ale-bion forever!