Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Eye-watering defence fact of the day

DE&S employs 22,500 people. Its equivalent in Israel, a country under direct military threat, has a reported 400.

It is not so much 'doing more with less' in the UK now, we are reaching new heights of breathtaking incompetence as every day passes, with every new departmental cost book laid open. It should really be, given the size of the civil service, 'do more with nothing' and that would actually work.

I must hasten to add that the media are ignorant as fuck when it comes to the MoD though. This I stole from ThinkDefence, I hope they wont mind, but here is how it is and take fucking note you ignorant slobs (MSM):


9,600 are in the Trading Funds, that’s the Met office, Hydrographic Office, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and the Defence Support Group. All of these provide vital services to the MoD and all but one actually return a profit.

10,500 are locally employed civilians outside the UK, educating service families children, maintaining the estate and running stores for example.

2,700 are in Defence Estates, 7,700 involved with Policing and Guarding (and these chaps don't simply police defence estates, no, they are also employed to protect the privately run and managed nuclear facilities dotted around the country) and 2,700 in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

The only bearing relevance they have to each other is that they are funded out of the same defence budget which is allocated by the MoD. For some inexplicable reason the media can create separate sections for the army, the airforce and the navy but when it comes to the rest their cognitive reasoning skills simply seem to disappear.


Mark Wadsworth said...

I thought everybody knew that there's one MoD civilian for every two members of actual armed forces (of whom an unspecified number are far from active or frontline).

All Seeing Eye said...

Very topical here in Gib.

This week the Gib Defence Police (MoD Plod) who fall under the civil service banner you talk about in this post were told they would be fully integrated into the mainstream Police.

Also announced this week the MoD power station is being merged with the civilian one (Govt run) so the MoD guys will become a different type of govt worker but with a combined and reduced admin force.

Different environment to the UK and different politics, but the police move is interesting for the implications of repeating it in the UK.

James Higham said...

I can't go into it but in the past two days, by telephone, at cost to me, I've had to bring two departments together to get my money back. All they had to do was speak to one another. In this country, there seems a special edge to the incompetence but I might be wrong - America sounds bad too.

13th Spitfire said...

I know exactly what you mean; I have a theory about this though. When the empire started to crumble what happened was that all the administrators from all over the world came home. Realising that they could nothing but bureaucracy they started doing that to poor Britain. That is was we have now a post-empire bureaucracy which is a shambles.

Anonymous said...

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Wake up Britannia! or we WILL all be slaves!
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