Friday, 10 September 2010

An unsuspected upside of EU regulation

The EU has taken control of the City of London which means that it will be gone within five years.

There is something good that can come of this however, once the UK realises that it has been fucked by the EU again (well, the rest of the UK we should say since every single blogger already knows this truth) perhaps then we can start making things again and return to a manufacturing economy which will lead to job creation and a higher standard of living. But as you can see, I am struggling to find anything good about the EU's latest acquisition.
I expect I shall be in favour of whole-hearted entry - the Europhile path. I suspect most of you reading this believe, today, that you would favour leaving. But would you, really? What would be the point? I wanted Britain to stay out of the Single European State because Britain had a different and better constitution than that of our European partners. But the ambition of our Establishment is that we should have positive human rights (it's forbidden unless it's allowed) instead of negative liberties (it's allowed unless it's forbidden), a supreme court, a coalitions-based lower chamber, an elected upper chamber, fixed term parliaments, retrospective legislation being commonplace, a ritual (instead of a constitutional) monarchy, participation in international law as if it were true law rather than international custom (as opposed to England being an Empire unto herself), the right to silence being merely the right not to be tortured, the presumption of innocence being circumscribed rather than absolute, justice being inquisitorial instead of adversarial and most of the other paraphernalia of a "modern" European state. Our Establishment hasn't the slightest appetite for preserving even what remains of the classical British constitution, let alone restoring what has been lost.



Mark Wadsworth said...

Fair point. But don't forget that the Home-Owner-Ists desperately need a tame (preferably government owned) banking system to keep UK house prices as inflated as possible.

Which would be another upside to the UK banking system being shut down, actually.

bofl said...

the banks were ably abbetted by tory and labour govts because they paid so much tax.....therefore the govt. looked the other way.

i used to be a bond trader years ago.we traded many different bonds-the reason being that if one sector was doing badly then another would plc with its phuqwit brainless 'leaders' like blair and brown were seduced by the easy money..forgetting that we need a balanced economy....

these great brains didn't actually think for nano-second that things could go wrong? how coul a historian like brown possibly have ever heard of the crash?

and don't believe that the europeans have not been burned....
even the AAA german landesbanks have been on the edge and the spanish have borrowed the most of any country from the ecb-and not writing down any property losses!

if london goes then it will mean the end of the s.east.......

not only bankers but cleaners,sandwich makers,secretaries etc will all lose their jobs......happy days

13th Spitfire said...

It is always nice to get an informed opinion from someone who has experience of the sector involved. I have no illusions as to the compliance of our retarded governments, past and present, but regardless control over banks as anything really should stay in the country of origin.