Friday, 3 September 2010

The EU Referendum

Something very funny is a foot, there are now two EU Referendum campaigns staged at the same time. Thus, I wonder when is the main Blitzkrieg Blog and Mr. North, over at EU Referendum going to join the choir? This I wonder since Mr. North and Mrs. Helen S. constitute the arch-duo of proper euroscepticism in the UK. If they do not know something about the EU then it is not worth knowing. Even super-poof nr. 1 Mrs. Dale got there before Mr. North - I tell you what is the world coming to when something like that is allowed to happen?

Hence, Mr. North please rejoin the ranks and lets gets this bloody referendum once and for all, now is as good a time as any; what with all sorts of referendum being en vogue. I am not for a minute naive enough to think that there is actually going to be a referendum but if there is even a hint of media attention then it will have been worthwhile. And if we manage to make just one eurocrat, just the single digit member, somewhat uncomfortable in his seat then it will have been a tremendous success. For then he will realise that he is not safe in his ivory tower, and he will finally come to the understanding, so long evaded by his sort, that he is not a political immortal and that his employer has run-out of goodwill from the people it is supposed to 'represent.'

Alas, here are two perfectly worthwhile causes to sign up two, you know it makes sense:
PS. Mr. North I resisted the temptation of putting a picture of you on this post for that would have been ehm ... a bit gay 8-D

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