Saturday, 2 October 2010

The blowing up of people

Now I am firmly on the sceptical side of the AGW debate and I know what constitutes proper science and what is complete and utter bullshit. But this must be the most tasteless fucking thing I have ever seen. Sure we do not agree on AGW but here you are blowing people up, to poke fun at us who don't believe in your thesis - and you think that is going to strengthen your position? How completely fucking retarded are you people exactly? I know you are all die-hard left but you guys seem to be beyond stupid, clinically and mentally incapacitated, seems a more appropriate depiction.

Richard Curtis’s eco-prop video confirms the worst impression people have of greenies, namely that, behind all the self-righteous rhetoric, they are misanthropic and nihilistic.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, these people truly hate the ‘ordinary people’, don’t they?

The thing is that this only applies to ‘ordinary people’.

The Common Purpose trained elite just can not make the cognitive leap between their preaching about us stopping CO2 emissions and themselves flying around the world saving the planet.

When I watch this video and read articles such as that one that you highlighted concerning the carving of a swastika into a persons forehead I realize that we are up against something very sinister at work.

And we’re the bad guys!