Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Swedish Election Part 2

There is something quite fucking astonishing with the sheer stupidity displayed by the Swedish media establishment and political classes. If you think the UK's MSM is mind numbingly narcissistic and insolent you have seen nothing yet. As I highlighted in my recent post, the electorate does not seem to much like the idea and hand they have been dealt. They do not exactly warm to the predicament they are in; a sizeable amount of their own numbers have voted for a xenophobic party. Said party now has 20 mandates in the Swedish parliament. Fair enough, roll-on democracy ought to be the next logical step. They secured their votes fair and square, you and I might not like their message, but one has to be the bigger man here and accept defeat and accept that their campaign was very well organised. Not to mention that they played the 'martyr' card which is a common trait amongst marginalised parties across Europe, not to say the world; rearrange the board so that it looks like you are being unfairly targeted. Works a charm, always has done.

But the loudest of the few still cannot accept that several hundreds of thousands of people voted for a xenophobic party. It does not compute with their principles and morals.

But what about other peoples' principles? You might think that I am defending xenophobia but I am in fact trying to put the case for democracy at the onslaught of the righteous.

What has the MSM decided to do then, well, one of them has started a "massive, nationwide campaign" (which is tying to be all progressive and arty-farty by naming it something which is completely ungrammatical) to "tackle racism and show solidarity" - I am not even going to begin taking issue with the 'racism' thing, if they want to be unacademic, which is to say wrong, about the whole labelling issue then fine. No, what I really take offence at is all the stupid fucking politicians who are lining up to be part of this campaign. 'We show solidarity with immigrants and they deserve the same rights bla bla bla' - sure bacon Mr. McShit but was it not that kind of rhetoric which let the xenophobic in, in the first place? That well rehearsed patronising bullshit where voters were taken for cattle rather than grown-ups. If such a large proportion of the population has such an issue with immigrants is it not your responsibility as leaders and government to convince them of the contrary? I would have thought that it would be your place, with all the resources of state at hand, to initiate a well funded campaign to show that people have the same worth regardless of their origin. That it is the content of their character that matters and not the location of their genesis. There is not one but TWO state-funded TV channels and nothing was done, nothing which could even begin to quell the unease which people felt towards immigrants. Little if nothing was written in the national papers.

But now, when they stand at the edge of Pandora's Box, they have the cheek and arrogance to ignore the voters' concern again. As if they did not have enough lessons to learn the first time around, they continue, again and again and again, to quell legitimate debate about a delicate subject which deserves well-earned attention for few would touch it with a barge-pole hitherto. A real statesman would have the nerve to pluck up courage and tackle the issues head-on: make politicians travel to every far corner of the land and meet the people, so that they can tell them how they really feel. And pray that they are not ripped to pieces. Sweden is a big country and the feeling of abandonment in the darkest of forests is perpetual. This continued self-impoced ignorance is driving an ever larger wedge between the needs of the people and those who have been assigned to meet those needs. Ostracising your own and parading them as "freaks and brownshirts" will do you no favours, and it is not a question if it will backfire but only when.


James Higham said...

Good, good. Haven't really got to the Swedish election yet and this is good backgrounding.

Anonymous said...

Dear 13th

I don't get your position on immigrants. It is obvious that Enoch Powell was right about the UK. We have allowed in large numbers of people who have no social, political, cultural or historical attachment to this land. My grandparents, and their ancestors, have lived in this land for probably at least a thousand years. In that time, and before, we had incomers: Romans, Saxons and Angles, Danish and Norwegian Vikings. Those immigrants came here with sword in hand and the aboriginal inhabitants had the chance to repel them with sword and shield. It was the best who won the land. Survival of the strongest warriors. The point is that the people on the land already had a fair chance to fight. They were given an opinion and power to decide.
What angers me so much is that the political elite have decided that they will allow unrestricted immigration (essentially a non-violent invasion) without the original inhabitants permission. It doesn't matter either whether the immigrants are from India, Africa or are white Americans. It is the numbers and speed with which we are taking people in that is wrong. There is no time for them to assimilate and for us to decide if we want any more.
If this had been done to an African country in the early 20th century, the modern lefties would be screaming blue murder. If millions of white westerners were immigrating into India or Africa, and took jobs from the indigenous people, the left would be in uproar - in fact, more likely rioting. SO why is there no similar sympathy for we indigenous people?
It is total bullshit that we 'have always been a nation of immigrants'.The numbers of immigrants in the past (since the Norman conquest - in 1066 AD for dumb-fuck lefties) was very few. This nation was only ever great when we were a monoculture. That means that immigrants have to become British. They do not perpetuate their point-of-origin culture and primitive religious behaviours and try to foist it upon this land, force us to become Arabs and to take up the religion of hate, death and murder.
If this country does not take heed, there will be a new English civil war - it will be white, Anglo-Celts (and any other creed or colour that loves and wants to be British) against the Islamists and their lefty allies.
Sweden is going down hill very fast. It has let in far too many Muslims who do not fit in with the North European culture and history. Sweden was a great country but it will slide backwards into the abyss once Islam gains control, for Islam is not a dynamic, innovative, modern-thinking religion or political creed. All Islamic countries are simply traders and, in the past, thieves who lived on plunder. But plunder soon runs out and poverty awaits them. They are acting true to type as a religion (not a race of people, for that they are not).They immigrate to our lands and plunder us by claiming as many benefits as they can. They accuse us of slander and bigotry against their 'great' religion and then plunder us again by demanding compensation. They gain politicians favours and, hence, more money in grants, etc.
White westerners need to wake up and realise that if you do not defend YOUR tribe, you and/or your children and their children will either become dead or a slave to another tribe. Warfare has not gone away and will not unless you defend yourself. The current tribe causing this present and clear danger is anyone who professes to follow the poltical-religion of Islamist supermacy.

James Higham said...

Yes but that is not the only enemy, Anonymous.

Just Woke Up said...

I agree James. The biggest enemy is stupidity and apathy...