Wednesday, 1 September 2010


You can easily comprehend the state of play when you take the pulse on some blogs and especially the more popular ones including their comments. While the most basic of the coalition agreements have been implemented the triangle issues are going down the drain as usual and everyone refuses to talk about them as usual. Things are bad but they have been worse, especially for the past 13 years they were terrible.

One often hears that nature abhors a vacuum of sorts, be it physical or metaphysical, this is true in every sense of the word. A physical vacuum induces a pressure difference on the surroundings forcing them to crush the nature and source of that vacuum. So too in the metaphysical world i.e. the world of say mental interactions e.g. politics. The parties wont face the triangle issues, they refuse to be drawn in debate on them and simply ignore them most part of the time, ignorant and arrogant as they are, thinking that they will simply evaporate if one does not disturb their humble abode. Equilibrium; voters are acutely aware of the problems in society and as usual this has not dawned upon the political elite in Westminster nor in Brussels. It is heart warming to see the comments on newspaper websites, and as I say the big beast blogs, speak of a peoples that thinks very little of the feminazi, politically correct, multicultural, subservient, righteous and semi-socialist society Britain has become under the past two governments and with all certainty will become even more so under this one.

The problem is of course that you can do very little if no one trusts you. It would appear that not a single person or a very small minority actually believed that the EDL were the violent ones in the latest Bradford marches. Quite rightly, it turned out, the UAF, as per usual, were the violent ones throwing things and injuring people - the UAF which is endorsed by the government. The EDL are not a pleasant bunch that much I admit but they are scared and they have had enough of the above described and I think their ranks are going to swell considerably more over the coming years. Pray that they do not get political for then it could become very nasty. Protests are fine as is vocal opposition but political protests are a menace because they give attention, right or wrong, to a group, usually small, that a usually large group powerful people do not like. They only want you to protest against things which are selected from a pre-approved list of items. Bankers - OK, Global warming - OK, Tories - OK, Energy Suppliers - OK, Large corporations - OK, Human Rights Abuse - OK, but if you try Defence Cuts - NO, EU - NO, Unrestricted Immigration - Absolutely Not, Human Rights Abuse against British people - Certainly Not and so the story goes.

The story of course has only been doing the rounds for a couple of years having kicked of in about 1990-1994 I estimate. I do not need to draw your attention to events thereupon. But as we turn the pages and skim the chapters it seems that if we are slowly but surely reaching end of the story. Talking in metaphors is rarely helpful to put across a message so I shall instead say this; it is highly improbable that the current state of affairs will go on for much longer simply because people in general have started to realised that most, if not all election manifestos are lies and the elected government in reality implements very little of what it promised to. There are small victories and there are insurmountably brave people in government, Eric Pickles e.g. has become something of a standard-bearer for decentralisation and scaling back of government interference. But he does this on the back of his own character not his political party; this is not so much change from within but change from him. Scarcely a few days had gone by after the government entered power before promises were broken. Certainly the economy needs to be sorted out and cuts are good because the state needs to be minimised but at what price to the economically active people?

A lot of political pundits and commentators seem to be up in arms that nothing is being done about the things that people really care about, the triangle issues are part of them, but I am not really too fussed. Nature has a way of always coming around, knocking at your door, when she is most needed and that is equilibrium - the natural force of remedy for the week and injured.


subrosa said...

I see you've recovered from your trip to academia. Rather well said Spitfire and the reference to Eric Pickles is excellent.

Have you had your results yet? I'm out of touch with university timetables these days.

13th Spitfire said...

I'll get my results soon! Don't you worry you'll be one of the first to know 8D