Sunday, 5 July 2009

The New Labour Legacy

Now during the past two weeks that I have been gone it turns out that people are actually reading my blog and I am utterly flattered by this truly awesome outcome. I was under the impression that my, in my opinion, intelligent rants struck dead stone and deaf ears.


The political stratosphere of today has left me utterly dumbstruck and fundamentally mad as everything is going to the dogs; a government which is failing in its governance, an opposition which is the government all but in colour and a third party which does not have an opinion on anything and finally a resurgent party who, if that battle is not won, will win the war of British governance and by god are we screwed if they do (BNP).

But I would like to this magnus opus thought of the the day:

Under Blair and Brown Great Britain has become just Britain, before long Britain will become just England. Finally we will be one great big island with a smorgasbord of discontent and dividence, this will lead to conflicts - again.

We've had the IRA are now to have the WRA, SRA and the ERA? (The BNP does not mention it very often but they want to remove the monarchy and create a republic). Twats.

(WRA, Welsh Republican Army, SRA, Scottish Republican Army and ERA the English Republican Army).

On this note I would like to leave you with a book tip The Rise and Fall of Communism by Archie Brown. There is a fucking reason why socialism does not work, there is a reason why the worst states today emply some kind of socalism to further its ends - it is an abhorent system for supposedly creating equality between individuals by doing just that; supposing that we are all equal. If the millions and millions of people that have died in the name of socialism has not shown this to be false I do not know what will.

The Communist Manifesto by Marx was a political theory sadly Lenin et al. did not have the foreseight to envisage the havoc it would create around the world, the reverberance it exhuberates and compounds and the deathly hallows it comports through its being the most dangerous theory ever proposed.

Animals do not suppose themselves equals why does Homo Sapien insist on doing it when it is not a natural behaviour? - This is a PhD question not just for one student but for several from different departments from sociology to biology and it will be long before we find out why we are to conform to what "society" tells us to conform to, the stereotypical picture of man with no chinks or qualities at all just a robot. Interestingly the EU's maxim is "United in Diversity" yet they are doing everything in their power to create a homogenous people with a uniform culture (there is a reason why 85% of laws originate from Brussels and why generations and generations of politicians have let it happen).


Bedfordshire Beacon said...

Your comment "The BNP does not mention it very often but they want to remove the monarchy and create a republic" is incorrect.

As a republican, I have had many conversations with all levels of the BNP and have yet to find one that is not a royalist.

I have found plenty of republicans in the Labour party, and a few in the Conservatives.

13th Spitfire said...

My "intel" is derived from Mr. Hannan who has had more contact with the BNP then I have. Possibly I should interview a few more of them myself before making this claim.