Friday, 10 July 2009

New Template soon... Update: Here it is (simple)

This old bourgeois style blog layout will, within short, be changed to something more befitting of our times and my Sandinista temperament. Stay tuned...

(I know the FSLN are socialist and I know we do not really like them but they must be given some kudos for they are a very very angry political party. Whilst not condoning any form of violence for furtherance of ends one has to respect the passion and means for which the ends are supported).

A thought: The government after the incoming Tory government could possibly win the election by simply asserting that they will not create any legislation or quangos. All they will do is to roll back the previous years including the incoming Tories' screw-ups.

I think it is a winner.

Addendum: Turns out changing the bloody template requires a whole lot of work and as a result I messed it up and all the "Recommended Reading" has disappeared. FFS.

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