Friday, 17 July 2009

Tony Bliar

Blasted bloody Bliar. It is vehemently annoying that the Daily Mail has written a good article, for once, on a matter political. Find it here..

"Now we've heard it all. The lying warmonger who has done more than anyone to corrupt our public life is the Government's official choice to be the first president of the European Union."

Really I think all that can be added to this story is that Tony Bliar and the EU deserve one another. Words of wisedom perhaps but not really it is The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth.

(Usually I am very cordial towards the people I write of applying the usual formalities required such as "sir" and "Mr" or "Mrs". I reserve my right to withdraw Tony Blair from any such formalities for I rank him below Stalin even Ribbentrop. These men, evil though they were, at least acted in good faith: they were trying to create a better nation for their people, never mind the deluded methods they chose. Blair sold his country, honesty and everything else a long time ago. He is a fake who never once stood up for Britain - I have nothing but pure contempt for such creatures).

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