Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The People

If dissatisfaction is turned into action proper democracy rules the land for it means at worst protests.

If anger is turned into action democracy rules the land for it might mean manageable riots.

If rage is turned into action democracy falters and the government has only itself to blame for being brought down by its people who it was supposed to serve.

This must be said again and again though, we are British we do not do forceful displays of public opinion for it does not become us to protest that loudly lest it were to offend someone. Having said this, having just read the entirety of the daily round up of today's news, the country's mood is slowly moving from angry to rage. Will there be a general election before climax is reached? For Gordon's sake I truly hope so - he is already universally reckognised as the worst Prime Minister the UK has ever had or ever seen. It would be a terrible blow to his psyche (but extremely beneficial for Britain) if he was also to be thrown out of his post by the very people he was supposed to represent, serve and protect.

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