Monday, 20 July 2009

I hope Cambridge, Imperial and LSE follow

Oxford University moves towards going private I hope the rest G5 universities follow. When you have a government which has taken upon itself to perform social engineering on the student body then you are truly doomed. Recall how Gordon Brown along with Tony Blair forced Oxbridge to increase its state intake from 52% to 67% because Laura Spence, a bright state educated girl, was rejected from Oxford - of course the ignominious bastard forgot that thousands upon thousands of brilliant youngsters get rejected each year.

Applying to university should be a meritocratic process through and through. Why the initial target of 52% existed I do not know but you were sure that Labour would contradict itself when it said it would "tare down all class boundaries" instead they promoted them. How very Nu Labour. I suppose the 52% can be accredited to history.

As is fasionable when Labour has done anything its repercussions are soon felt. Now the brightest of British youth are heading over to America where they are allowed to be just that: bright. Lo and behold they are even encouraged, horror!

No, the sooner the best universties remove the claws of the state the better. Then they can truly choose brilliance over quotas.

You might say that the brilliant poor wont be able to go to best universities when they have gone private for they will increase the fee, I have one word for you: Grants. It works perfectly well in America, there is not reason why we cannot mimic their system instead of having retarded government after another promoting "eqaulity" little realising that academia is not about eqaulity and fairness - it is a brutishly harsh world where only the brightest, smartest most hard working individuals will get a shot at fame and glory.

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