Monday, 6 July 2009


Whilst this government is doing what it does best namely: nothing, the real world is rolling on ad infinitum and the likes of the EU and immigration will not go away.

Gordon Brown has relaunched his ridiculous dead-walking party with a rather interesting policy to give preferance to locals rather immigrants for housing. As with everything Brownite this is a poltroonite disaster waiting to happen "British Houses for British people" whilst not an entirely ridiculous policy in itself because of what New Labour have created as a legal backdrop it will not work.

Before going to the finer parts of this, one has to defend onself in these times for mentioning the word "immigration" for doing such a thing will automatically assume that you are a racist. Now in this correspondents opinion giving housing to local people before immigrants is not such a bad idea in itself because it is just basics. A person who migrates to another country does so on the premise of work and a better life - not milk the system (if this is the reason then clearly they should not be let in lest they are serious asylum seekers). This is the current problem with Labours immigration policy they let everyone in and then claim "economic benefits" as their reason eventhough, and it must be well over a hundred NGOs and governmental departments including the House of Lords by now, have emperically emphasized that mass immigration brings no economic benefit at all. What it does bring is BNP MEPs and with all certainty MPs. In short it brings racial tension.

Why give housing to locals, simple; it may or may not stave of some tension lying in the air over immigration. Most likely not because it does not adress the main problem (big surprise there: it is a New Labour policy - that said I do not envisage a future where the Tories will bring about any massive cuts in immigration numbers. Now of course they say they will but in 5 years time you can be quite sure that little has changed).

But back to the legal back drop of this policy. New Labour has played their cards so badly that the entire policy might in fact be illegal. According to the EHRC the policy is not legal and furthermore you can be as sure as day follows night that this will not go down well with the ECHR in Brussels (not the EU the other one...). So a quango and a continental entity is now dictating British government policy - wow. This is not that bad if you consider the fact that celebrities now control government immigration policy along with the EU (see Joanna Lumley and Gurkhas).

The latter part I suppose the Tories have to be blamed for after all they did elect Heath and he brought us into this perpetual mess. The former, well, a weak leader of a weak party has no problem in backtracking policy for celebrities after all they do know best do they not? Or consider this fascinating snippet from none other than Lily Allen, she thought that Gordon was "a nice man". Nice man indeed who destroyed your country Ms Allen, but never mind shall we, as long as the cash keeps flowing your way I daresay you will take any active interest in your home.

(I do apologise for any spell errors, don't have spell checker on this computer).

That was the sinister part of the message the important one is this; If immigration policy is not adjusted and we sit idlelly by whilst BNP MP/MEP after BNP MP/MEP gets elected then we have no one but ourselves to blame. Most of the people who vote BNP are descent people but who had enough of this government and the main parties for not giving two hoots about their concerns. If the electorate says something they damn bloody well will listen, this is such a fundamental basic of the state that it is beyond belief that they insist on ignoring it. There is a Canadian historian called Macmillan who I had the misfortune to read and hear where she argued for over 4 hours how the Treaty of Versailles was not one of the core reasons or even a reason at all for the rise of Nazism. Maybe (and I truly hope not) in years to come similar deluded historians will argue that immigration policy was not the reason for the rise of the BNP.

All sinister and dangerous parties always have a fall (see Max Hasting's The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich) the problem is that they always take people, literally, down with them. If there is one thing that history has taught us is that it ALWAYS repeats it self - dark motives and the quest for power wont go away just because every household now has 3 plasma screen TVs and 4 computers as ulta capitalist Friedmanite economists would have us believe.

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