Saturday, 10 April 2010

TIME's take on the British Armed Forces - interesting

An interesting article from the Time on UK Armed Forces.

Well worth a read,8599,1978680-1,00.html

Update: At 02:09 AM I made up my mind to emigrate, once I am done with my degree. The United Kingdom is not united and it certainly is not part of something "great" know as Great Britain. We have lost; they won. I think we lost because we only talked about the problems and never actually did anything about them. We never put up a fight, never resisted, never protested; we publised a few meekly articles but for the better part of the day we just rolled with something we knew in our hearts was inherently wrong. I am resigned to the fact that we wont make a jot of difference and though we preach very strong words, we're really only a lot of mouth but no trousers. Hence, I would only like to add this, in proper British fashion, bollocks to them all. Come 6th of May I hope they crawl up their own arses and think about their lives, and ours, and how they have successfully not added one fucking useful thing to this planet since the day they were born.


Costello said...

Interesting indeed. Thanks for the heads up on it.

Anonymous said...

I have been contemplating moving to Canada for a few years now. I have family out there and it seems and feels to be what we should have been and are not. It feels more British than here with a touch of French finesse.

I cannot see any real future here to raise family, I despair and how quickly things seem to racing to the bottom.

Anonymous said...

so we all fuck off and leave our once great land to the immigrants and the wealthy! Great plan.

I am afraid long wars are just that. There is no overnight solution but change is coming. It may not reveal itself in this election but, if Cameroon the traitor wins a slim or no majority, then we have the chance of another election.

There are plenty of pro-British/England groups alive now - BNP, EDL, UKIP, etc. (love them or hate them they represent a groundswell of opinion that is rising.

I believe there may also be violence before things get better. Unfortunate but inevitable when a people are so suppressed by the vacuous scum that call themselves our political and societal leadership.

The new English Civil War?

13th Spitfire said...

Third Mr. Commenter I certainly agree with your comments, but I hope that groups which are racist never get to power. Such a future I do not want nor envisage. Such a future would make us no better than our present rulers.

Certainly, I agree also with your opinion that Cameron will only win a slim majority which will trigger a proper election. That I hope for. I think it is a distinct possibility as well since neither deserves to win.

Time will tell as the old adage says.