Friday, 9 April 2010


These are strange times indeed, very strange. We assume an awful lot of things, we chirp out sound quips like 'do they not, do they not understand...' - when we speak of politics with socialist and marxist tendencies, we rally against them forthwith since we cannot comprehend how they cannot see the wickedness of their ideas. The totalitarian ideas, the enlargements of the state, the power of the bureaucracy how it is literally lining businesses up and then executing them one by one. This makes sense to us, since we, erroneously it must be said, accept some kind of self-righteousness. We say free-market, small state, strong defence, enterprise, science, technology, help them help themselves. But, and this is a very large but, this really does not hit home with a lot of people.

We are loosing the argument in favour of freedom and personal responsibility. It seems people are in such a pitiful state that they want someone to make their decisions for them. Follow the leader for better or worse, at least we have one?

Having talked to people over the past days, I am truly shocked, some of them "felt sorry" for Gordon Brown. Which is why this is a pointless election, again. Most people my age seem to judge the politicians on their personality not their policies. Speechless.

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