Wednesday, 21 April 2010

An interesting insight

This following piece of connected words and dots is not of my making but it is nonetheless very interesting.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and calm down. Fact: people want change. Fact: the next election will provide it. If one thing is clear, Labour are dropping towards their hard core vote and are effectively dead. We are just watching the body twitch. We just need the stake and the mallet. If the Lib Dems have one and we the other, then so be it.

The reason is that New Labour no longer exist. Gordon has marched back to the old Left, back to where the union money is – leaving all the New Labour voters looking around for something they can identify with. For some, it will be us. For others, it will be the Lib Dems – who are the natural left of centre political party for a modern Britain, much more so than Labour. I believe history will show that New Labour were the last gasp of a mass labour movement whose original goals have been effectively fulfilled.

So, what do we do? Make sure nobody pushes us off the middle-to-centre-right ground, which is an honourable position to hold in a democracy and which will win us elections. New Labour worked because times were good and people could vote with their hearts. Now times are hard, people will vote with their heads: we just present a simpler case based on 4 core messages – less waste, less government, less unnecessary immigration and (as soon as possible) less tax. Do not mistake this for using a dog whistle: these are not the old messages, they are the new reality which will be implemented in a pragmatic way. People know we have to do it, they are just waiting for it to be clearly promised, with the invitation to throw us out after a term if we have failed. This is just a short step from where we are now: harden the tone and cut down on the mood music. The Big Society may work, but people need to hear the Big Points very clearly first.

For those in UKIP who want to fight battles over Europe first and foremost, I would say that those battles must come: but unless Labour are dead, none of us can ever fight to regain powers that were never Labour’s to give away. Hold your noses and vote for us or what you want will never, ever happen. Judge by actions in power, and hold us to account after a term.

People want to punish Labour. Let’s make that happen.

Mr. Spitfire again; this is a very motivational post and it does strike some very important chords. Like Mr. North over at EU Referendum, I too think that the only way for Britain to leave the EU is for the Tories to take such action - not a minority party like UKIP. That said, I do not know this, it is just a hunch. Naturally they cannot leave with the current Tory administration and a couple of UKIP MPs would be very useful in compounding the message.

But how to vote on 6th of May? To me at least it seems as if all the best Prime Ministers were bald. None of the current people standing are bald; they all have hair and are hence not fit to rule the country since they are not bald. Bald is good, implies wisdom and implies having lost sleep over something important, which implies that the person cares about something which means that the prospective candidate has principles which guides his morals.

None of the candidates are bald, this is bad. Prospective candidates shave head, implies will get vote from Spitfire. Simples. Sod personality; bald is where it is at.

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