Monday, 19 April 2010

The best idea since Chocolate

Why can we not vote for HM the Queen?


'This is the electoral voting form for the General Election 2010. Put an 'X' next to the party or person you prefer:
  1. Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II
  2. Liberal Democrats
  3. Labour Party
  4. Conservative Party
  5. UKIP
  6. BNP
  7. The Green Party
  8. UKLP
  9. Scottish National Party
  10. English Democrats
  11. Plaid Cymru - Party of Wales'
I for one am an unapologetic royalist and am sure HM the Queen could do no worse than the hodgepodge fucktards who currently pose as leaders of this country.

Note the word of the day 'minarchism' (the spell checker is underlining the word with a red line, well I did not really expect it to know such a difficult word...)

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