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I know that I said I was going to leave this blog alone for I a while, but I have spent the entire day doing some of the most boring coursework imaginable so I think I deserve a little relaxing via this blog. Now I am not actually the author of the main post but I found it on ConservativeHome. It regards immigration. Now I know that you have been brain washed into thinking that anyone who discuses immigration is in fact a racist (see my previous post for the correct academic definition of the word) to you I say this: fuck off. If you are still trapped in the New Labour bubble you are probably on this blog by accident as well - I want you to leave, your foul stench is scaring away all the other readers who actually want to know what this whole post is about. You are more than welcome to return when you realise that ostracising an entire country is wrong.

But I hope this emphasises precisely why I hate you: your loathsome moral righteousness espoused by your vindictive urge to crucify anyone who happens to disagree with you is the bane of all of this country's traditional adherence to common sense and the highest codes of conduct. I am sensing that you did not understand the previous sentence dear Socialist so I shall explain the one word which you need to know: "bane" means 'murderer' and it is a very old English word, of course you would not knowing anything about 'old' either since you seem hellbent on destroying any form of history.

But know this: the pseudo- courts whom you so dearly love and constantly refer to for moral guidance, with their enthusiasm for European 'rights' culture, are becoming sanctums for political correctness and are actively subverting British society. But they are merely a symbol of what once constituted a system that we believed in, a symbol which no one believes in looses all its powers because of that, it is nothing but an old rusty statue now. Why? Because the majority of the electorate simply do not buy your Fabian, multicultural and feminazi bullshit.

People are upset that they are being accused of racism whenever they comment or complain about the level of immigration; they feel that they have been let down by a government which has promoted culture that has encouraged this to happen. Think of this way; being called a racist was previously a very harsh accusation, some would say even one of the worst. By de-contaminating the word you remove its novelty, its tour de force. Formerly Goliath swung the hammer of ensuing horror of the word; but now it not worse than calling your everyday man a 'wanker' which is more like David wielding a BiC pen. Not particularly frightening but very infuriating, especially if you are on the receiving end. I am sure very many a reader can relate to what I am saying, I certainly can myself since I have been on the receiving end more than once.

Anywho, here is what the jolly man had to say:
Its not just permanent immigration

Its also supposedly temp immigration on work visas (many of which end up being given idefinite leave to remain anyways)

Why have we got a standing army of multiple hundreds of IT and Telco workers here on intra company transfer visas working for the outsourcers and subcontracted into our largest companies? mainly Indian nationals it has to be said. breaking many employment and immigration laws with no policing of the rules.

Why are a couple of hundred thousand Indian nationals still "on the journey" to residency, here on a work visa, when this route has supposedly been stopped for new entrants - why not stop it for those here already too

Why do work visa holders get tax and NI concessions?

Why so many families of work visa holders here attending state schools free, and clogging up the NHS - we have to pay for healthcare and kids schooling if we work in their country why is it different for them here?

Why does the famous "points system" not apply to intra company transfer visas?

Why so many sham marriages in places like Bradford allowing countless folk from India and Pakistan in when we all know many are not genuine loving couples?

Why are we allowing so much of the UKs leading technology to be moved to India in the name of outsourcing? we need to play a 1st world countries game and retain our IP we cannot hand it all over to the 3rd world or we really will continue on a downward spiral

Why are we borrowing an extra half a billion a year to give to India as "aid" when they can perfectly well borrow it just as easily

Why are we being so naive with India when they are systematically raping our country

Go look at any large BT site, the IT depts of Lloyds bank, the IT depts of any large British company and observe the 80% Indian national to less than 20 % Brit split. tell me it isnt obvious why no grads want to go into IT or Telco business. tell me we are not throwing our world lead away.

We need to be much harder with countries like India, their bullying working practises, the slave ship like outsourcing companies Cognizant, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Satyam and so on. They are just laughing their socks off as they rape us.

Immigration will become a very big issue if educated folk like me give up on the main parties and over the coming years are forced to take another approach such as move to the BNP

The BNP are idiots, racist idiots at that, I genuinely dont think I am racist BUT WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO ALLOW THOUSANDS OF NATIONALS FROM THE 3RD WORLD TO WORK HERE it just doesnt work, and we cannot keep dishing out residency like confetti

Force employers to use and train Brits and Europeans, stop printing intra company and other work visas like confetti - and our competitive position will get better as we return to a leading position in the world IT and Telco business

Protect British IP from being moved to the 3rd world by multinationals

The steel plant also deserves a much bigger reaction

We have to support decent honest existing residents of this country and protect them from the slave labour racist practises of the outsourcers

I am back. Now I think most parts of that post were quite sensible bar a few bits which were a bit aggressive, but I am not in the business of censoring. Clearly the person knows what he is talking about and we would do well do listen. Let me just repeat this: England is the most densely populated country in Europe, we simply cannot go on like this.

This is about sheer numbers, not race. (I appreciate that this last line has helped little: I can already hear the cries of 'racist' and the need to rape and pillage my humble person, so much for modesty then). Racism is man's gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason, numbers on the other hand are cold and unbiased proprietors of the truth. They know what is wrong and they know that their value needs to be severely reduced. Harangue the messenger if you want, I am just telling you what everyone else is thinking but dare not say for reasons stated above.

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Witterings from Witney said...

A learned post 13th and one with which I heartily concur. Well said!

Like you I am not racist, however I get damn annoyed when I see our culture subverted by those who wish to live among us but at the same time appear to despise us by their actions.

To those I say: Go Forth!