Thursday, 8 April 2010

Just a note

You really wont find anything useful on these pages over the coming days; I am far too busy with procrastination. Though I can add that I have started to write another book which brings the total being worked on in this present moment, to the grand total of two. If readers would like to discuss their own literature projects then I more than welcome your comments.

That was a mortifyingly boring paragraph and I do apologise for its lack of substance, but to borrow a phrase from the poet Mari Evans, "when in Rome". I am not in Rome but if I were I would chill the hell out with a glass of Chianti, courtesy of Tuscany. Really that is all you can do; chill-out and pray that the party leaders of the 'Big Three' die of an early heart attack as a result of ubiquitous consumption and expulsion of lies, lies and lies... While they bang on about this and that domestic non-issue our real laws are still being made in Brussels where they do not give a shit about the British as long as they pay.

I wonder for how long this will go on.

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