Sunday, 15 March 2009

Why do they always do this?

We read in an article from the Guardian that they are once again pouring scorn on Oxbridge for having "too few students of ethnic minorities". In the politically correct society we have come to inhabit today there are certain things you can and cannot do as public sector institution (and indeed also private sector business) that is to disobey the powers that be on political correctness. This is their first and prime golden rule:


Where the government is seen to be hiring more ethnic minorities and women as a de facto statement that they are indeed upholding their own policies and at the same time turning away the people who are more qualified because they are of the wrong race or the wrong sex or even worse (in the eyes of the government) both.

What the media and certainly the governments needs to start understanding is that Oxbridge has been around for longer than both of them (well 'ish', the Magna Carta was signed in 1215 by King John and Oxford was founded around 1200 with Cambridge in 1209). Most of their prominent employees had their education at Oxbridge and then they have the audacity to come back and say that they should take more ethnic minorities (read, positively discriminate against some groups of people) because the rest of society has gone completely mad in terms of political correctness.

No, my dear right honourable gentlemen and ladies, rest assured that Oxbridge are fully capable of choosing the right students without any kind of social engineering courtesy of the government, particularly this one which is, I think most would agree, the worst one we have had in over a hundred years. The sooner the media and the government step down from cukokoo land and step in to the real world, the better for all of us they should be ashamed of themselves for even contemplating criticism of Oxbridge - they have turned out some of the finest minds over the past centuries but suddenly they have to stop because it is not deemed polite to the ethnic minorities to have a student body which is overwhelmingly not made up of ethnic minorities? Ethnic minorities are fully aware of what bullshit the government is coming out with as well, they are not stupid (why anyone would even begin thinking that is also beyond me) and hence they do not need 'extra' help for their children to get into Oxbridge. The overwhelming admissions rule is this at Oxbridge: If you are clever you will get in, finito. It is not academic racism when a black child fails to receive a place but a white one does. If anyone realises this it is the dons at Oxbridge.

Leave them alone and for that matter leave the ethnic minorities alone. In fact would the government be so kind as to leave all of us just bloody alone. We have had enough of you.

(Here is a hint: If you really really really want to eradicate racism then possibly you should not make it [insert exceedingly rude word] government policy.)

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