Monday, 16 March 2009

What happened today?

I cannot really say that anything particularly interesting happened today in politics, as sorry as I am to say I would have enjoyed a proper slating of one or more of our politicians in the UK or why not one in the EU. Now when I say that 'nothing' has happened I am not being completely honest with myself and yourself for there is always one person which will always deliver when the going gets though, recall how he helpfully suggested that "the people who matter" are rethinking something.

Well not to keep you guessing any further Mr. Barroso is at it again I don't know what we would do without him and his idiotic comments, he complements Mr. Brown rather well I must say and not to mention speck of dirt that is the Rt. Hon. Keith Vaz MP who tried to get a judge to halt a case which concerned his friend.

But to the matter at hand just what has Le Idiota de Portugal come out with today? (please excuse any grammatical translation errors I do not speak Portugese but hopefully the language of belittlement is a fairly universal one.)

Barroso's "regret" over the Tories' exit from the EPP be a badge of honour for Tory eurosceptics? we read on ConHome.

Where to begin I wonder? A non-elected non-leader demurs the loss of the Conservative party from the EPP. I shall echo what some other people have said that if Barroso is not happy about this change in the uniform body that is the EU that can only be a fantastic sign (then again Barroso is a very stupid little man, it seems that most of the time he is unaware the he is only adding to the Eurosceptic feeling in Europe but most profoundly so in Britain). Daniel Hannan for example has told many a time how how suddenly he became much freer in his daily business in Brussels after having been kicked out of the EPP it is not a far step to consider how free the Conservatives will also be once they have left - this is what is scaring Barroso, he is afraid that the legacy of Monnet is about to be undone when the second largest national grouping suddenly discontinues its conformity to EUropeanism (we love Europe we despise the EU, there are 47 nations in Europe 27 in the EU if the eurocrats started doing their homework the world would be a much better place).

But then again what most likely will happen is nothing in the long run we wont regain national sovereignty and they will keep on breaking the clauses in the Magna Carta as if it were never signed in the first place. With the EU there is only one way theirs or none. We have to decide once and for all if we want to be part of a larger state, United States of Europe, like the German constitutional court said. The problem is that I do not think that the current Conservative party which is the next in line goverment will be able to deliver upon this issue because they are as much part of the problem not the solution. They think that we can have the cake but at the same time eat it.

This pains me to say but I think it will be the next Labour government that in 10-20 years takes us out of the EU because they will have realised by then that taking Britain out of the EU, printed in their Manifesto, is as sure a win as night follows day. Only difference between then and now, they will have reformed the party, as did the conservatives, to be once again electable but all they have to do is to promise a referendum on the EU and the Tories will rip themselves to pieces.

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