Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Royal Mail

The Tories have unequivocally stated that they will support Lord Mandelson's Bill whereby a 30% stake in Royal Mail is sold to a private partner in the form of TNT of the Netherlands.

The Tories are hoping to get elected next year.

The Tories are hoping to get a elected with a majority government, not a hung one.

The Tories are hoping to set the country right yet not even Thatcher dared to touch Royal Mail.

The Tories are supposedly Euro sceptic yet the fail to see that the bill was born in Brussels.

They are not exactly trying very hard to be populist, the thing they are most in need of. They are still, whether they like it or not, the nasty party and they only get votes because there are no other options. Not a very respectable mandate; government by default.

Royal Mint next?

(EDIT: Epic fail in my spelling of 'hoping' -> hopping... apologies.)

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