Friday, 20 March 2009

Now this is a parliamentary orator

Yesterday we had the Business of the House questions coming around the bend, again. Much to the dismay of Mrs. Harman anyone could imagine. Alan Duncan, shadow leader of the house of commons, made the process short, bloody and quite frankly hilarious.

"May we have a statement on the Prime Minister’s recent visit to Washington? It seems that the DVDs that President Obama gave the Prime Minister—rather like the Prime Minister himself—do not work in the UK. We are told that one of them was “Psycho” and the other “Gone with the Wind”.

So those are our requests for debate: there is a rotting encampment outside Parliament; there are failed NHS managers with bloated pay packets; the fate of our reserve forces is left dangling; FE colleges are collapsing; Equitable Life pensioners are betrayed; dysfunctional Select Committees are set up; we have a dysfunctional Government; and the Solicitor-General insults the unemployed. How can the Leader of the House defend any of that, without hanging her head in shame and apologising?"

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