Sunday, 22 March 2009

This is funny

Did you know that the Foregin and Commonwealth office are actually quoating Gordon Brown? It is true look!

"The European Union is essential to the success of Britain and a Britain fully engaged in Europe is essential to the success of the European Union."- Prime Minister Gordon Brown

They certainly have got their priorities all tangled up.

And whilst the FCO is faffing around the ridicule of the EU wont go away... This is an old story I know but be so sure that it will come back and haunt us as always.
I put this as challenge forth to all of you: On the FCO homepage there is this section which is very interesting. It states what the EU has done for us and it even has a little link to common misperceptions. I challenge you to contradict everyone of these statements and send it to the FCO in two weeks time. If you accept tell me so at either way I shall be doing it myself and will post it here before I send it to them.

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