Saturday, 21 March 2009

Out of the ordinary

My normal posts are normally concerned with all matters politics and as such trying to bereft the the great vastness of the malignity that spreads like bush fire. Rather it is a more philosophical quote and I would also think quite emotive for the issue at hand should not be dealt with light heartedly nor should it be treated with scorn and contempt.

Honour is a concept which I believe has for the most part died out in society today. We think or at least one is lead to think that honour is characteristic trait often found in warriors. Warriors were once the men and women who in the olden days were sent to protect the villages from advancing warlords or bands of thieves. If they return, alive, they were put on a social pedestal from where they could be adored by society in a different manner - not in any way alleviating their status or standing but rather adding that new found respect to their personality as a result of having done a good deed. If we believe in altruism then yes one must also think that good deeds exists, some might say that soldiers of the past were forced to go to battle, I sincerely agree for the most part they truly were but who are we to deny them the right to their ends when any action taken by us, for them, would be dwarfed in comparison to their actions for us (even if it was forced).

To be continued at a later stage...

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