Sunday, 22 March 2009

What happened to freedom of association?

The BNP may not be the most likeable party in this country or this planet for that matter, they indulge in some fairly loony policies and clearly are not a big fan of immigrants. Fair enough that is their agenda most of us, certainly myself, are not particularly supportive of their means as a party but in the spirit of democracy they do have the right to make their voice heard and we have the choice to not listen.

I was not aware that a ban on police joining the BNP was introduced by the Association of Chief Police Officers in 2004. Surely this much breach every single treaty since Magna Carta was signed in 1209? The Human rights act, the European Human Rights act, the Bill of Rights and many others I am sure. I 'was' sure is probably a better stance on the matter since clearly this fellow has just lost his job over it.

One cannot but wonder why this arrogation of freedom of association just passed us by. British politicians can happily change the laws for a couple of K's, they are more than happy to sign away the remaining bits of British sovereignity, they love to indulge in expensive past-times paid for by the tax payer not to mention that they are actually giving tax money to organisations far worse than the BNP.

The BNP has views and opinions most of us regard as complete nonsense, they surely are at the best of times. But while their popularity is rising you cannot just strip members of the public from associating with them, public office holders or not, it should not be within the confines of state power to remove such a fundamental right. It is like saying we should not associate with dangerous 'elements' on the TV "thou shalt not watch porn". This is a fair point I suppose some would argue but is it not really a bit ridiculous. The TV does not advocate racism I am fully aware of this but it advocates something rather more sinister, a picture of the world as it is not really, that young people should idolize the behaviour and style of second rate celebrities whose soul contribution to the world has, well, not been substantial. Maybe this just turned into a long rant but it seems that if you remove a human right for one thing then why not be done with them all?

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