Sunday, 1 February 2009

The sheer Irony

How demoralising that government ministers of the once 'Great' Britain now have to go off begging to an external power in mainland Europe in order to try to get the law changed so that the British people can work.

One must but pose the question, are we the only ones who appear to see that the EU simply does not work? What must Gordon Brown be thinking now as he is flying of to Brussels in the [HOPE] (qualified majority voting and all that...) that they might change the rules so that Old Britain, with her cumbersome economy, might be able to employ its own people. It is odd that he is not questioning the very reasons for his flight:

Here he is at the starting point of the 21st century, his country has wholly and totally gone to the dogs and he is leaving for Europe to see the masters of the supposedly sovereign nation that he supposedly heads as PM? Notice the many sarcastic 'suppositories' for they are just that sarcasm - he does not control Britain more than a bald man controls the glossiness of his hair.

Eurocrats normally go for the argument that we need the EU for the common good. They often also proudly proclaim that they -the EU- have kept the peace in Europe thanks to the awesome might and influence of its very being.

Lets address some key points shall we.
-The EU (or as it was known back then the EEC) started of with 8 member states, EUROPE has 49 states - the ignorance to suppose that a few are to rule them all? This is not the Lord of the Rings, sadly for Saruman would then have been impersonated by EU Commission.
-The EU is bureaucratic talking club at the very best they produced policies which worked for about 6 month then broke down because of the sheer bulk of people and products it sought to control.
-The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation kept the peace and is still keeping the peace, the EU is doing all in its power to hinder its work.

So I ask you yet again why are we flying to Europe?

If you answered "for the greater good" and completely ignored the entire point of the post then I suggest we also start hiring Polish Politicians with lower salaries. Suffice to say that would at least be slightly beneficial in the saving of tax funds.

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